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Oh crumbling crown
Your molecules so sleepy
Dreams of weary weeping
Tear drops of sugar sweet
I fell to the ground
I wanted to hear the heartbeat 
Of the earth
The rhythm roaring rumbling 
I got up stumbling 
Could it really be
There is nothing free
Coarse skin of the universe
Caught in the teeth
Words dump oil into my 
Serene ocean
Take me deeper deeper
Deep dark and done
I am mended

Reality doesn’t exist 
But these images still persist 
Imagine greater 
It will mean something later
I want my words to resonate 
To inspire you to create 
Something larger 
Than Heaven hell and fate
To write your own story 
To draw yourself 
From scratch
Into what you know you are
Even if it seems so far
Just know that everything you think 
Is as real as day
And everything you dream 
Is a boat at bay
Longing to take you away
So please please please
Enjoy your earthy stay
Because there is no reason not to
Who else gets to be you?

stranded on an island
there is a perfectly good ship on the coast
but it doesn’t want to leave
I am stranded
I sit with the breeze
laugh with the grass
argue with the morning birds
dine with the sun
sing to the moon
run with the water 
and dance with the fire
But there is a problem
All I want is here
yet all day long I dream of what is elsewhere

There is a tiny window at the edge of my brain
I always forget how to get there
Pondering how great it would be to sneak out
Vivid colors and fuzzy feelings
No walls or ceilings 
I had my chance
What did I have to lose?
Loose connections and imperfections?
Hollow emotions and weak affections?
I can’t be who they want me to be
However I’m not sure I can set myself free
There is a tiny window and the end of my brain
I’ll sneak out once I break this chain

Lonely triumph
Awards of silence
Who’s eyes do you see through
When you observe yourself
Calming waters
Can hide such depth
Have you ever sank to the perfect quiet
Hand and hand with panic
If I could stay I would
But the lights push me back
Flashing frantic thrashing 
The moment where the lift breaks to a fall

Eternal blue green and perfect morning
Only truth shall sing
Easy and clear
There is only life
Death is a passing feeling
Cold and cleansing
Wounds that heal stronger 
A demons blessing
That died choosing life
The battle doesn’t stop. But the blows
Until we are all throwing bombs of lovely feathered cotton.

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