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how things have been lately

It is pretty wild how fast things have been moving in regards to this new endeavor. I feel pretty great about things so far. it has certainly been a hustle but I have met some truly amazing people along the way. I've jumping between hotel and hotel. Some are fancy and some are not so much. i typically for fancy. As I said I want whoever visits me to have a great experience beyond just what i can offer by myself. I want to have a comfy bed, a good view, nice amenities and to feel at home. I am so grateful to all the returning visitors and to the new people who decide to adventure out into the realm of Sparks. The last blog post I made was when I was at the Hilton. That was definitely probably one of my favorite spots. I was so lucky to find a room on such a good deal. I think it was like 110 a night? I only ended up paying around 400 for the two nights that I was there which was a steal. Granted the overnight parking was 45 a night and literally everything in the room had a sneaky little price tag on it. After that place I stayed in captiol hill on the ninth floor of a pretty fancy apartment building. I really miss that place. The bed was unbelievably comfy and the view was really cool, looking down on some capitol hill streets. Not to mention there was a ton of convenient stuff within walking distance. After that I believe I stayed at the nexus hotel which definitely was not high quality but I certainly had some fun encounters. The older folks continue to prove to be my favorite visitors. they are so respectful and their passion is so authentic. GREAT NEWS THOUGH!! One of my good friends who is also a provider agreed to let me use their apartment as an incall space tuesday, thursday and friday. Not only do I get to support a friend with money that would go to a hotel, but their apartment is beautiful and so cozy. Such great fortune to this opportunity. Already it has proven to be a huge asset. Plus I don't have to worry about annoying check ins and check outs. I hope that things continue to go smooth as they have been going. i really enjoy providing experiences that bring people joy. ALSO! I had my first duo with another gorgeous trans provider!! It was so wonderful. her place was beautiful and serene as was she. The visitor was such a cool guy also. until next time! Rozzi signing out <3

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