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I am in the Cornish library

Didn't expect to find myself here. it is really nice. However, the naked pictures that I have on my site are NSFL (not safe for library) I met this amazing human who has the same legal name as me, is a transwoman and we sing totally alike. I almost feel like I found a soul mate. ( lol stupid ) However she told me that she is probably going to move to L.A. in a few months which has been a heavy thought weighing on my consciousness. She even used to do sexy massages when craiglist personals were still up and she kinda mentioned that she wanted to try and join me for sessions that I do with clients. i want to say yeah but the logistics seem pretty challenging. She is also so pure and innocent I wouldn't want harm to befall her. She is totally sitting right next to me working on an assignment lol. Kind of funny I am typing about her and she has no clue. Feelings are the worst. it has been far too long since I made a post. i think i will give an update in a new post.

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