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Wednesday - Thursday (3-6 / 7 ) Rozzi life

Things have been so up and down it can be hard to keep track of everything. Probably why I created a rozzi blog. For some reason I have been pulling the trigger on fancy rooms. Well the reason is to give whoever joins me a luxurious experience. Nobody really likes going to the smaller, cheap hotels. Especially myself. I don't want to be some quick experience at a shady establishment. I guess I value myself more than that. Or at least value myself and my visitors experience over saving some cash. Wednesday night to Friday morning I stayed at this place that was pretty much a mix between a hotel and an air BnB. The host who let me in was taken with me and wanted to cuddle. It was a bit odd.. I suppose I can give off a vibe that encourages that. I never did cuddle with him though I was tempted. I don't think he knew I was trans though and often it can be challenging to see the look in peoples eyes change when I say that. Sometimes it is chill but if it is not it sucks even though I've been dealing with it for over 4 years. So at this fancy place the bed was memory foam.. There was a heater that kind of looked like a fireplace that also had multiple choices of lights that glowed on the sides. The view was mostly just boring apartment buildings but it was interesting enough. I only had two visitors. However, I am really thankful for how the visit on Wednesday night went. The person and I had a plan for earlier but the check in times didn't line up with the proposed time. however, he came over later when it was dark. I had the ambient light of the fireplace, a little light show device that I have and the light from the outside. It made the experience comfortably amorous. I'm not entirely sure how satisfied he was.. But I am glad that I could provide something that was unique if anything. I can't help it my archetype is the gushing romantic with the grand gestures.. Even if it is in these circumstances. I was lucky to get another visitor on Thursday night.. however it was only for one half an hour. he was a lot of fun and comfortable to be with. I don't want to say it was a waste but I was hoping for more bites. I was really excited to bring people to the room but alas, I guess weekdays aren't really that poppin'

Gazing into the vast expanse of stacked people homes.

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