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Ze weekend! (3-9/10) Rożliƒe

This is a riot. Still on the bed of this hotel as I write this. It is currently 3:15 (classically a spooky time) and I've had the urge to do something productive as minor as this is. So I had a very awesome Visitor for the weekend who I met at a networking event. Since he was great when I met him I wanted to make sure that he had a good experience. he mentioned that anything downtown is great so I booked at the Hilton. Alright the view is good. Honestly everything else feels like faux-luxury. I called them ahead of time to confirm they took Visa gift cards and they said yes. When I was at the front desk being enthusiastic about the stay and avoiding anything that would raise an eyebrow, the guy told me that they do not take visa gift cards. whaaaaaaaaaat. It worked out but I was really annoyed. I wasn't in the mood to put another hotel on my debit card... Or have a visa gift card with a hefty sum on it. When I got into the elevator I realized you need a key to activate it. I didn't expect that.. I actually got nervous about how I was going to discreetly get clients to my room. I had this master plan of meeting people outside the hotel and slipping them the spare key card and the coming back in separately. For the first bit I felt like an idiot for not knowing that keycard protected elevators are common in fancier hotels. Turned out to be completely fine. I strutted through the place with visitors like it was no big deal and no one hardly glanced up. I tend to be incredibly cautious. It is not a bad trait when dealing with these endeavors.. However, if one doesn't look suspicious, people generally won't suspect. Well unless they have a trained eye. Friday night was a let down as I left an event I was doing early to meet up with a visitor that never showed up. Saturday more than made up for it. Great visitors, beautiful day, good conversations, music, champagne and even a friend stopped by at the end of the day to chill. I bought some new articles of clothing. It feels nice to have a reason to update aesthetic. Also to walk around downtown seattle whimsically. Not sure how eager I will be to come back to the Hilton. But it has been nice and I do appreciate the views. Each place I go to becomes home a little bit and I am thankful for the opportunity to create little homes all around the greater Seattle area. If you are like one of the maybe two people who reads this.. Thank you and stay tuned. Oooooh I am tired and check out days are generally not too fun.

Butts and buildings.

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